Cully Firmin serviced and developed a wide variety of sensory, imaging, and spectroscopic technologies for harsh environments. Including cameras for challenging medical, subsea, and subterranean applications. Inventions span engineering disciplines as they apply to well logging and monitoring systems, earning several meritorious engineering and prestigious technology awards. As a child cancer survivor, medical technology transfers and prosthetics designs were contributed with gratitude.


Photography evolved from a documentation aid for rapid development projects into a second profession of sincere dedication. In an artistic partnership with his talented wife, Cully provides expert design, lighting, photography, and project management for a variety of production needs. As a team, the duo produces print, video, and living art installations of renowned quality. Together and separately, Angela and Cully continue to support the production needs of others in crew or talent capacities. See the work of artist and model Angela Rene' Roberts here:

For Face Masks with the art of Angela Rene' Roberts:

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