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For over 3 decades on the science side of his studious life, Cully Firmin has serviced and designed a wide variety of sensory and spectroscopic instruments for harsh environments. Including cameras for exotic medical, subsea, and subterranean applications. His commercialized inventions won several meritorious engineering and prestigious technology awards. As a child cancer survivor, innovative medical diagnostic technology transfers were greater motivation than financial ambition. Photography evolved from a documentation aid for rapid development projects into a second profession of sincere dedication. 

In an artistic partnership with his talented wife, Cully provides expert design, lighting, photography, and project management for a variety of production capabilities. 

Fine-art body painting, glamour / high-fashion / special-effects makeup, SFX sculpture, advanced graphics design, and basic pro-quality video editing are provided by life partner Angela Rene' Roberts.

As a team, the duo provides print, video, and live production packages of world-renowned quality.

For SFX projects, Cully designs function and Angela designs form.

Collective works are prolifically published through mass-media majors with many prestigious award wins. Angela's impressive portfolios are accessible through her dedicated web sites:



Angela's notable accomplishments include:

2015 MAC World Show Award (Austria)

World Award 2015 Pro Brush/Sponge (Austria) 6th Place
(Only artist from North America in top-10 of the 2015 World Award competition.)

GSN's Skin Wars Season 1 2014 for Sony Pictures

North American Bodypainting Championship - Audience Choice Award

RAW 2013 National Makeup Artist of the Year

International Fine Art Bodypainting Association Award Final 6 - 2014

RAW 2013 New Orleans Makeup Artist of the Year

Fardel Cosmetics (France) 1st Place 2012 International Body Painting Competition

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